Cannabis Oil Extracts

Cannabis oil is a highly effective and popular way of getting the health benefits of medical marijuana. Typically, a few drops of the oil concentrate are dissolved under the tongue (this delivery system is known as being “sublingual”).

This delivery method works because the bioavailability of the essential cannabinoid oils is introduced immediately into the circulatory system, allowing you to feel the effects faster and without any potential harmful side effects that come with combustion (smoking).

Oils can be topically applied to the skin as well, and prove particularly helpful for patients suffering from joint-pain (arthritis), and lesions on the skin.

Here’s a brief look at some of the main cannabis oil product types and what to look for:


Contains non-psychoactive CBD, which provides many health benefits, but no THC. CBD has gained popularity for helping treat juvenile patients with epilepsy since it can provide the medical benefits associated with cannabinoids without the intoxicating effects of THC. It’s quickly gaining popularity among new and experienced patients as a pain-reliever and mental relaxant.

You won’t feel like you’re in an altered state (although some patients have reported small effects of this type when consuming high doses of CBD), but you’ll certainly feel like you’ve taken the edge off. If you’re a working professional or just someone with daily stress in your life, try weaving a low-dose CBD product into your daily regimen and see if you notice any improvements in your daily function.

Hemp Oil:

Made from hemp, a close cousin of marijuana, it contains some cannabinoids, but not enough to create any of the medical benefits associated with consuming CBD, and contains absolutely no THC. While it has many essential fatty acids that provide nutritional benefits, it doesn’t provide the therapeutic advantages of medical marijuana.

Rick Simpson Oil:

Perhaps the most famous cannabis extract of all is Rick Simpson Oil, named after the marijuana activist who claims to have cured himself along with thousands of others from cancer by using this marijuana concentrate. It’s important to note that Rick doesn’t sell or produce his oil for public consumption; he merely provides the recipe for making it.

RSO is made from the buds and flowers of the female cannabis plant, so the oil will contain THC, CBD, and cannabinoids. Many imitators and competitors have attempted to capitalize on Simpson’s popularity; as a result, there’s a lot of confusion about these extracts in the marketplace.

Buyers need to carefully investigate the oil extracts they’re considering. The marketplace for these products occupies a legal gray area.

Also, a lack of health and safety standards means that shady operators and mislabeled products are common. However, you can infuse olive oil with cannabis by following a simple homemade recipe; or you can check out Rick Simpson’s own method, which he explains on his website.