Co2 Extraction

Unlike BHO, carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered safe by the FDA which has made it a more desirable solvent among extractors in the cannabis community. The solvent is also non-toxic and the process doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This method uses a specific combination of high temperature and pressure to create phase changes in the CO2. Controlling the temperature and pressure allows us to create a multitude of end products, making CO2 a “tunable” solvent. The phase changes are used to “drop out” the undesirables from the plant material. Some CO2 machines and methods are able to extract and separate multiple compounds from the plant, but it does take a more finely tuned set of equipment and experience to harvest both terpenes and cannabinoids. This solvent has become very popular because it is both safe and highly efficient. It also works as a sanitizing agent, meaning that it prolongs shelf life provided that we are using the proper system in the right environment. These extracts tend to be more viscous, which is why they are more often found in vape cartridges than on our dab tool.