Type of Compound: Terpenoid

Medical Properties: 

Description:  Agarospirol is a sesquiterpene alcohol isolated from the essential oil of infected agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.). The corresponding carbon skeleton (VI) has been named agarospirane. Agarospirol is the second spiro-terpenoid to be isolated from Nature.

Boiling Point (F): 594 ± 52 

Boiling Point (C):  312 ± 11 

Melting Point (F): 133 – 136 

Melting Point (C): 56 – 58 

Concentration (% of dry weight): 

Relative Content (%):

Chemical Formula: C15H26O 

IUPAC Name: 2-[(3R,5R,6R)-6,10-dimethylspiro[4.5]dec-9-en-3-yl]propan-2-ol