Type of Compound: Terpenoid

Medical Properties: 


Description: Guaiol is not an oil but a sesquiterpenoid alcohol, and is also found in cypress pine and guaiacum. It has been used for centuries as a treatment for diverse ailments ranging from coughs to constipation to arthritis. It is also an effective insect repellent and insecticide.

Boiling Point (F):  550 

Boiling Point (C):  288 

Melting Point (F): 104 – 122 

Melting Point (C): 40 – 50

Concentration (% of dry weight): 

Relative Content (%):

Chemical Formula: C15H26

IUPAC Name:  2-[(3S,5R,8S)-3,8-dimethyl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroazulen-5-yl]propan-2-ol